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Great free batch resizing program


I consider myself somewhat of a shutter-bug, whether my photos are any good is a bit of a different story, however I still enjoy taking pictures, and copious amounts of them. Now I like to take my pictures in the highest resolution possible which is great for saving them and printing them but horrible for posting them on the net. I know programs like Facebook and Google Photos allow you to easily share photos and adjust the resolution to web safe sizes. But if you're one of the many people that doesn't like giving the rights to their photos away, or if you've made a sites worth of images at a very high resolution and now need to resize them all to a safe resolution. This can prove to be a rather tedious task if you have many pictures and even programs like Photoshop and Fireworks are somewhat limited on their options for resizing.

If you find yourself in this tedious situation IrfanView becomes your liberator. IrfanView is extremely easy to use FreeWare that allows you to batch convert image files with many fantastic options. Before I get in to explaining some of the great features I'll give you a screenshot of the main screen.

Infan View Home Screen

Personally I use it for the "Batch resize and rename" which is pretty self-explanatory, but what makes this resize better than that of Photoshop or Fireworks is the ability to resize images by percent, long-side or short-side. This function means that I can resize all of my images whether they're landscape or portrait orientation.

Infan View Batch Resize

So the next time you need to do a batch conversion, I recommend trying this handy little piece of FreeWare. You'll be happy you did!